Rotary Swing

The internet is great for us aspiring golfers – so much information at our fingertips, I can’t begin to imagine how the pre-internet generations learnt how to swing a golf club without readily available expert advice and video analysis!

But as with everything on the internet, not all of the information on offer about the golf swing is correct and some of it could actually set you back instead of help you to improve. And because the golf swing is difficult to learn, and ‘feel’ based it can seem like there is a lot of conflicting advice out there.

After all, there are many ways to swing a club.

What I will tell you for nothing though is that Rotary Swing is by far the best learning programme I have come across. I used to spend hours trawling Google and YouTube for the answers to my latest golf swing issue and time and again I would end up at Rotary Swing.

The videos that Chuck and his team produce just always seem to make the most sense and they make the learning process easy. Easy to understand, not easy to do, there are no shortcuts!

I’m a member so I’ve put my money where my mouth is. I can’t remember how much it costs, I think it’s something like $20 per month which just seemed like an absolute bargain to me. The site is packed with loads of great learning material and you even get two video lessons per month too. I’ve decided I am going to avoid all other tuition and just commit to Rotary Swing.

By the way, I am not earning anything from this ringing endorsement so it’s completely impartial (as my recommendations always are). Just thought I’d share with you.

Give it a try, I’m pretty sure they do a trial period too.


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