Wedge play

Some very useful tips for how to hit your wedges well:

– set up with more weight on left foot.

– ball position slightly back of centre.

– keep weight left, no shift to right needed. Just gentle rocking motion.

– major swing key: hinge wrists early, as soon as you start to take the club away.

I find that this technique works with the 9 iron too.

Chipping is often viewed as just a shorter version of the pitch but it isn’t.

Set up is very similar:

– but I prefer a slightly open stance

– some forward shaft lean but don’t go berserk on it.

– think about sliding the club head under the ball. Use the bounce.

– major swing key and biggest difference to pitching: keep the arms straight, relaxed but straight. Do not hinge the wrists.

Works quite well for me!







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