Narrow stance for better golf

Yet again my ball striking improved when I consciously narrowed my stance mid-round today.

It makes sense – the wider your stance, the less likely you are to find the low point in your swing unless your weight transfer and timing is spot on. The narrower your stance is, the smaller the mergin for error.

I’ve been here before but never stuck with it consistently and I found some good articles and forum posts that advocate it strongly. Many a golfer has discovered a shoulder-width stance is not optimal, it would seem:

The Width of Stance Myth

Rotary Swing – Correct Stance Width

Your stance is too wide!

Very narrow stance…try it!!

I’m going to need to spend some time at the range working out what the perfect stance width is for all my clubs but a narrower stance is definitely the way to go, I’m sure of it.

Best advice appears to be to get your lower body ‘stacked’ – ankles, knees and hips all on top of each other. Shoulder width is old, restricts your turn and makes it harder to get back to the ball.

You still have to make sure you are using your legs to shift the weight in the swing, don’t just plant legs and do nothing with them. Narrow it up, and feel the weight shifting to the right leg and back to the left. Your hips rotate nicely rather than slide.

Obviously the stance widens for the bigger clubs, but I’m going to play around with how much wider. Was hitting my hybrid good today with a wider stance and a bit more of a lateral shift.

Will be working on plenty feet together drills over the next couple of weeks.




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