Swing Thought of the Day

You have to control the timing of your transition by starting your downswing before the backswing finishes.

What you absolutely have to make sure of is that your arms do not carry on moving behind you after your body stops turning. You lose power and end up in a bad position and trapped. You’ve over-swung.

The only way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to initiate the move down whilst you are still moving back. Two really important things happen when you do this:

  • You increase the centrifugal force which helps you build lag.
  • Because a lot of effort is required change the direction of the club (rather than just letting it bounce off you because it can’t go any further) you engage your lower body and pull more with your left side. Your sequencing is much better, you create much more club head speed and the ball goes much further.

There’s one other really important ingredient; you must have ‘loose’ arms and wrists. Too much tension will make it more difficult to transition smoothly.

You need to know when it’s the right time to start your downswing and what I am working on currently is using my left shoulder as my downswing ‘trigger’. So, as soon as my left shoulder gets under my chin – and my left arm is roughly at 9pm – I start my downswing by pulling with my left side.



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