Keeping the head behind the ball

“During the downswing, there is a significant amount of force being applied in the forward direction.

To maintain balance and posture, it is necessary to keep the head still and behind the ball at impact.

“Chin it; chin it,” I tell my students. I am attempting to have my student’s chin point at a spot several inches behind the ball until well after contact with the ball.

In this way, I am insuring that the student holds his/her head still and behind the ball during the downswing. A Picard student can usually be identified by the excellent head position during the downswing.

“Chinning it” becomes a way of life for most students.

It is my belief that the head rises slightly during the downswing to apply maximum power at impact.

The head moving slightly up and back results in excellent posture at impact.”

HG Picard

Keep chin behind ball at impact



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