A few notes from today’s round…

Heavy rain and mist, for about half the round I couldn’t see more than about 50 yards in front of me, so not great conditions. Started well, had a crappy spell for a few holes and then played the back 9 quite nicely.

Things to remember/ work on:

  • I need to get much more consistent with my set up.
  • Stance width – I know it needs to be more narrow than it has been (inside shoulder width, in line with hips).
  • Ball position – in line with left heel for driver, in line with left ear for everything else (including short irons, but my stance will be even narrower so only just ahead of middle).
  • Head stays on centre of gravity (sternum) until ball has gone (with every club).
  • Grip down slightly on 5 iron, driver, 3 wood and hybrid for a bit more control.
  • Hit my 2 hybrid nicely when I remembered to keep my head still until after the ball had gone.
  • Wedges – need to feel more like arms and body move at same speed. Starting to manage my distances better by thinking about clock face (50 yards is about 8pm to 4pm and so on).
  • Chipping – within 30 yards, use 8 iron to bump a little chip (club more upright, feet almost together, weight slightly forward). No more than 7 to 5 swing. If I have to get over an obstacle, use 60 degree, weak grip, 9 to 12 swing.
  • Putted quite well by focusing on lining up squarely and again keeping my head still until after ball had been struck. Also left thumb straight down middle of shaft to stop any rotation of club.
  • Driving was pretty steady again. Kept it in play, acceptable distance.



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