Dialling in wedge distances

This is what I am really going to work on this winter – dialling in my wedge distances, no more trying to guess or using ‘feel’ on the course.

I am using the clock-face approach; imagine I am swinging on a clock-face and my left arm is the hour hand. 9pm would equate to my left arm being parallel in my backswing. As I rarely go past left arm parallel even on a full swing, I am only going to work on three positions; 7pm, 8pm and 9pm.

A wedge swing should be symmetrical too, as in if I go to 9pm back, I will go to 3pm on the through-swing.

I will re-visit this page regularly to update my distances in the table below:

Club 7pm  8pm  9pm
LW  20 yards 50 yards  65 yards
SW 30 yards 50 yards 75 yards
PW 50 yards

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