Shortening your golf swing

I was focusing mainly on my wedges today at the range, dialling in my distance control using an imaginary clock-face as my reference. It was going well, and got me thinking that I should be doing the same thing with my full swing, as I’m sure I have a tendency to get very long and sloppy resulting in poor shots.

So I tried it with a few irons (5, 6, 7) and the results were promising – certainly no loss of distance and it felt a lot more controlled and compact with a better transition. Need to practice it more but focusing on the left arm going no further back than 9pm (parallel) seems to help (it probably goes a bit further in reality, 10 or 10.30pm, with momentum in a full swing but still prevents overswing and gets everything starting back down at the same time.

Shorter backswing works!

Almost every golfer has a backswing that is too long…

Shortened backswing





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