Random things that seem to be working…a bit.

Lots of experimentation and tweaking at the range and on the course.

A few ideas…

  • Setting up with the club-head a couple of inches behind the ball at address. Stumbled on it by accident and weirdly it really seemed to improve my ball striking. No other thoughts, just set up and go. This is quite a popular method for driver (not irons), I think it works because it stops your shoulders from opening up (and making you go OTT) and keeps your centre of gravity in the right place. I’m going to keep working at it because early indications are it works and it’s very easy to do.
  • Focusing on earlier wrist hinge – wrist hinge (right wrist bending back) , not set (up). Makes my swing very compact and keeps club on plane. One of those moves that worked really well at the range but very inconsistent on the course. I’ll keep it in the locker but more interested in the one above for the time being.
  • Narrow stance – covered in another post but can be a quick fix mid-round if you are hitting a lot of fat shots.
  • Shortening the swing – as above, just helps tighten the swing up if you are getting long and sloppy. Think about swinging the left arm to a clock face position e.g. 10pm for a full swing.

9 holes today in reasonable condition, just a practice round. Driving was a bit wayward, irons better but still too inconsistent, short game was major highlight and putting pretty good considering I never practice it too.

My 25/30 yard and 50 yard wedge play was good. I got creative around the green with a PW and 8 iron and hit some lovely shots and I can pop a high soft one up with my 60 degree wedge too but it is harder.

Need to get a proper round under my belt soon to see if my scores are improving.



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