Mindy Blake: ‘The Golf Swing of the Future’

Written in 1972.

‘With practically all bad golfers the hips turn as much as the shoulders. There is then no tension in the body because the back muscles have not been stretched, and the only way back to the ball is by pulling with the shoulders’.

‘The ideal at the address is to have the hips slightly open relative to the shoulders. The shoulders will then turn more than the hips on the backswing, the shoulder and back muscles will be fully extended, and, at the top of the swing, there is a substantial increase in stored power for the shot.’

The swing is started with a forward press of the legs. Both knees are pushed towards the target slightly (about an inch), taking care the head is kept back. This position of the legs and hips is held and the takeaway is with the top part of the body alone. The rhythm is for the knees to move forward on the press, hold their position on the backswing backswing and move forward again from the top. This is in contrast to the press with the right knee or hip, accompanied by slight transference of weight and the hips turning 30–45 degrees on the backswing, which is favoured by modern methods. I am trying to stop any transference of weight and to get a counter-movement—that is, the slight forward movement of the legs to counter the backswing.’

‘I consider that the two most significant points on which the evolution of the swing depends are:

  • Curtailing the hip turn on the backswing,
  • Reducing the amount the left arm has swung around the body on the backswing.

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