Even more on loading into a firm right side

Think Inside the Right Foot

Perfecting Lower Body Stability

Latest practice notes:


Pretty good, generally on-line and carrying about 230 yards on average. Would comfortably be 250+ if I could lower trajectory a bit, but I’m not complaining given I couldn’t even hit driver a few months ago.

  • Feet perpendicular, no flare.
  • Stable lower body, maintain knee flex, right foot planted.
  • Hover the club-head at address, seem to hit the sweet-spot more often.


Getting better, fewer fat shots. Same keys as driving, but I don’t hover the club-head with irons.

What I am working on now:

  • Loading into right side properly – slight lateral shift (including movement of head) on backswing. Firm right side, keeping weight on inside of right foot.


Not good, just seemed to have forgotten how to hit them. I think I have got them back on track though, with the following plan:

  • Set up ball in middle of stance, slight forward shaft lean, a bit more weight on left side.
  • Swing feels like both arms feel very straight and I just swing them straight back and straight through.
  • Swinging back to 8pm equates to a 50 yard pitch with the SW. Choking down to the bottom of the grip and exactly the same swing equates to 25/30 yards.
  • Same swing with PW to about 9pm equates to about 100 yards.


Lost my touch a bit but technique isn’t going to change.

  • Use 8 iron.
  • Club quite upright, with putting grip (no interlock).
  • Putting stroke, simply back to about 7pm, and back through.
  • Take the club back very slowly.
  • Use the toe.


Not good. Back to the drawing board.

Speciality Shots

Bump and run – club up, narrow stance and shorten swing when I have a tricky approach shot or uneven lie.








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