Latest notes from the range

Not a good practice round yesterday, as I got myself wrapped up in too many silly swing thoughts. So back to the range today to work on things and restore a bit of confidence.

And I got my swing back.

My focus was simply on moving the club away from the ball with my arms to start the swing. I hit my best shots when my grip was light and my arms were relaxed and I could really feel the weight of the club head.

My arms move backwards across my chest, and then my shoulders and then hips turn naturally (in reaction to) the movement of my arms as I complete my backswing. I keep everything very stable; constant spine angle and knee flex.

I don’t really think about the downswing. Provided I have got into a good backswing position, a correct downswing seems to just happen. I was striking the ball well, hitting my 7 iron 150-160 yards (with range balls on a cold January Sunday), generally straight. I could feel things happening in the right order (right side clearing) and I was getting into good finish positions.

I hit a lot of wedges too and was getting good results with the same swing – nice crisp, accurate shots.

Rhythm & Tempo

Porvided I set up well and get myself into a good position at the top, it feels very much like the difference between good and bad shots is rhythm and tempo. Bad swings tend to happen when I am too quick and/or I don’t complete my backswing.

I’m going to focus on this, I may need a swing trigger.

Mental Aspects

I’ve got to realise that going on to the course with swing thoughts doesn’t tend to do me any favours, certainly more than one. I need to focus on the target instead, my strategy for the shot etc.

A consistent pre-shot routine is needed too.

I do need to start using the Tour Striker for some of my practice too.


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