Some more notes and things to try

  • Keep the club in front – should always be able to put the ‘sword’ into the ‘sabre’ at the end of swing
  • Club needs to be dead square
  • Ball position just in front of left arm pit
  • Choke down on the grip a bit – more control
  • Hover the club head, don’t sole it – you can create a tripod effect by soling the club and then leaning weight into it
  • No weight in toes, major cause of fat shots. Should be able to curl toes, weight should be between heels and balls of feet 
  • And weight should be more on insides of feet
  • Left eye should be closer to the ball than right
  • Weight favouring left side
  • In-line impact is key – left arm pit and club should be in line with ball at impact

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