Balance is key to good golf

“So…learn to hit a golf ball without moving your knees. In fact, don’t move your knees at all. Hey, if you can only hit the ball fifty yards, without moving your knees, that’s great. And as you increase your distance, then begin to move your knees slightly.

Always remember that your knees only move as much as your shoulders move. They can never move farther. Most people move their knees considerably farther than they move their shoulders. They’ll move their right knee to the right on their backswing, their left knee will come in, and both knees will get out from under the shoulders-and they lose the support in their golf swing.

The thing that has helped my game, and I’m probably one of the most improved swingers on the Tour right now, is that I learned to keep my knees underneath my shoulders throughout my swing. My shoulders and my upper body are always supported by my legs, and my balance remains good. As soon as you get off balance, you can’t hit good golf shots.

Strangely enough, on one teaches much about balance.

The way to achieve balance is to stand with your spine fairly erect and straight-not curved-and then you get your knees under your shoulders. Don’t get too bent over. If you get so bent over that your shoulders are closer to the ball than your knees, you’ll be out of balance. The way your body is make, to hit a golf ball you need to stand where your knees are almost directly under your shoulders in a vertical position with your spine fully erect and straight. If you’ll do that, you’ll have good balance.”

Shoulders key to good balance in golf swing


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