Notes from the range

A couple of things I am working on at the moment…

  • Getting rid of my nasty tendency to go over the top – I’m only working on it with wedges at the moment, but basically it’s about letting my arms drop down first from the top of the backswing, rather than out.
  • Accelerating at the right point in the swing – obviously very closely related to going over the top. I tend to throw the club away at the top, accelerate too early and run out of steam by the time I reach impact. I am focusing on letting the arms drop and then accelerating in the impact area; I do need to realise that the ‘acceleration point’ will vary from club to club – with wedges, you can leave it very late and with driver you have to start accelerating a bit earlier.

Other observations from today:

  • The longer the club, the smoother (slower) my takeaway needs to be – really got my 2 hybrid under control when I started doing this today. Also helped with the driver.
  • Wedges: let the arms fall down and then accelerate (release) as late as possible.
  • Chipping: take the club away slowly and accelerate into back of ball.

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