Quick notes from the range…


I need to feel like it is less rotary than a wedge or iron swing, and focus on my left side so that my right side doesn’t take over. But I have to get a full shoulder turn. If I don’t, then my arms get ahead of my body and my right side takes over to try and generate power, usually resulting in a wipe across the ball and a big slice.

Focus: Left side in control, full shoulder turn.


Really enjoying hitting these now, as my quality of contact is so much improved. I need to feel like everything starts back together slowly, and my body rotates, it’s not just an arm lift. Then on the way back down, I don’t rush with my arms, they slightly lag behind.

Focus: Slow the arms down, use the body.


Haven’t hit many and they have been a bit scrappy, but the good ones are very good. Been focusing on getting a full turn behind the ball, but can still get a bit armsy. MOre practice needed.

Focus: Full shoulder turn, slow the arms down.


Can’t wait to get my new clubs and work on perfecting my turn with them.


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