Some great posts by Anuj Varma on the golf swing

The Set Up

The Turn

The points that resonate the most are:

  • The first couple of feet of the backswing are very important – the ‘takeaway’ – getting this right makes the rest of the backswing right. Maintain the ‘Y’ for the first couple of feet.
  • You have to turn your body, not just your arms/hands. Beware the fake turn.
  • The turn can be gentle, no need for an aggressive turn. Don’t overdo it.
  • Suppress the right side in the downswing.

Practice points for next range sessions:

  1. Working on takeaway, ‘maintaining the ‘Y”.
  2. Getting a full, gentle turn – find a key, thought that works for me e.g. left shoulder, sternum/ belly button away from target etc.
  3. Making sure the left side controls the swing (suppress the right side).

Leads me back to Carl Lohren – starting swing with lead shoulder and letting lead side control the swing. I think when I’ve tried it before, I’ve been guilty of just lifting my left arm rather than turning properly. Will experiment with it again, making sure that my shoulders actually rotate.



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