Latest update

It’s been a long time since my last post but I have some really encouraging progress to report.

So, my takeaway and backswing is pretty respectable. Bottom line is, my consistency issues are down to a faulty transition. I had a lesson recently and the pro confirmed that and had me working on getting my hips going first in the downswing. Son good results to start, but as usual I went backwards a few days later.

However, I’ve been persevering.

And what I’ve discovered is:

– the swing is a lot shorter than you think. I feel like my downswing is starting pretty much as the club passes my right thigh.

– think of it as one movement, not backswing-pause-downswing. If you were throwing a ball, you wouldn’t get to the top, stop, and then start down. You’d lose rhythm and power. My downswing is starting whilst my backswing is finishing. Don’t think ‘I’m going to take the club to 9pm, and then start down’ because it will be an armsy swing. Focus instead on ‘starting to move towards the target as the club/arms are passing my right thigh’. You will use your body instead of your arms.

– when I do this, it actually feels like a proper golf swing. I feel my body weight shifting and can sense the clubhead lagging behind. It’s all about the change of direction.

– I don’t feel like any particular body part e.g. hips are leading the way, it feels like my entire body mass is shifting.

– main swing thought should be ‘short backswing’. Very short.

Contact with all clubs is much improved. The longer the club, the later the transition point – with a 2 hybrid I start down nearer to 9pm rather past my right thigh.

Other points:

Always swing at no more than 80% with driver.

My goal this year is to drastically improve my short game. Less obsession with full swing.

My technique with wedges isn’t bad but distance control is poor. My putting is rubbish.


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