Today’s Learnings…

Driver – can’t for the life of me hit it well at the range, but on the course yesterday it felt pretty good and I hit some nice drives (even though it was very windy). I think a big key is being relaxed and loose (but not too loose!) and feeling like you are only swinging at 75% effort. I feel like I need to keep my lower body quiet, if my legs get too active I spray it all over the place.

2 Hybrid – still inconsistent, which is so frustrating because a few weeks ago I felt like I couldn’t hit a bad shot with it. A couple of thoughts that seem to help are: (1) focus on my shoulders in the takeaway, the ‘triangle’ very much moving as a one-piece unit and (2) starting the downswing by rotating my hips quite aggressively.

Mid-Irons – the shortened swing is still generally producing better results but I’ve lost the feel I had a few weeks ago that was really nailing it. It’s not just about shortening my swing, I’ve also got to feel in transition that my mass or momentum is shifting left. When I hit my really solid shots, I feel like my left leg is sinking into the ground a bit. I’ve noticed my left knee moving towards the target too. I’m sitting into my left side.


Wedges – better. I’ve dialled in my 7-8-9 distances with each wedge and accuracy is improving as a result. My shallow, ‘use the bounce’ swing works well with wedges.

Chipping – much better. I basically use my 56d for all standard chips, with my landing zone about 50% of total distance as a foundation, adjusted for lie, slopes, wind etc. I just adjust the landing zone %. I use my 60d for all ‘speciality’ chips i.e. short-sided, hazards, need a soft landing. Up to 75% landing zone depending on firmness of greens. And my 8 iron is my bump and run club, I normally need to land this at about 25%.

Putting – still rubbish, but a couple of things that have helped a bit (1) don’t hit at the ball, think of it as a smooth stroke and make sure you follow through and (2) quiet eye – couple of looks at target, one long look and then go for it.



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