It’s all about pressure, not weight in the golf swing

Reminder – the swing thought that has delivered the best results to date for me with my iron swing is: ‘As the club passes my right thigh in the takeaway, my body starts moving left (towards the target)’.

When I get this right, I hit flush, straight iron shots. Not had the same success with it with my irons yet.

I have had the occassional round where it just hasn’t clicked though, or sessions at the range when ball striking has been inconsistent, even with this swing thought. Which got me thinking that I need to be more specific about WHAT actually moves toward the target as the club is still moving to the right in the downswing. HOW do I actually initiate the transition.

What I learned through trial and error was:

  • Any upper body thought e.g. thinking about my head or left shoulder moving towards the target produced poor results
  • Focusing on my hip was better but still a bit inconsistent and difficult to actually feel
  • The best results by far was when I thought about increasing the pressure in my left foot – basically pushing down into my left foot as the club was still moving to my right side.

I have to be careful of the following though:

  • Moving pressure into my left foot too early – this creates an imbalance. It’s all about maintaining the balance of weight/ pressure in my body whilst I swing the club.
  • What part of the foot I put the pressure into – too much in my toes and the ball can push to the right, too much in my heel and it can pull to the left.

So, in summary, the key points are:

  1. Weight/ pressure is balanced 50/50 at address.
  2. As the club moves past my right leg/ thigh the weight of the club and arms needs to be counter-balanced by applying pressure into my left foot. So the pressure shift is actually starting not long after the takeaway has finished and much earlier than most amateurs think it should. Don’t shift it too early though – I will lose balance, get too steep, poor swing.
  3. Think of the pressure being applied right in the middle of the foot.

Some useful articles I found online that validate my self-discovery:

The difference between professionals and amateurs is in the ground

Golf and COP – What is it?

Let you feet lead the way to better golf

Hit it long by using the ground



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