Thanks for visiting the blog.

My name is Terry and I have been playing golf ‘seriously’ for about 2 years. I am well and truly obsessed with the game, and desperate to improve, but I have a long way to go. Despite spending stupid amounts of time and money on it, I am still a struggling mid-high handicapper (currently playing off 16).

I’m getting better, slowly but surely, and convince myself that there is a single digit player within me. It can’t be that hard, can it?

There are few better feelings in life than hitting a crisp iron shot down a luscious fairway, smashing driver 250 yards, delicately floating a chip to within a couple of feet of the hole, or sinking an 8-foot putt.

All of which I manage to do every now and again.

That’s why I keep going.

This blog is a place to keep my golf notes and tips, because it stops me boring the rest of my family with it. And it might just help you too.